Business Debit & Credit Cards


Be Safe! We will NOT text you regarding your Debit Card. Do not click on any links if you receive a text claiming information about your card.

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A Business debit card from McFarland State Bank is convenient and quick. 

Debit Cards

A Great Concept. 

Your McFarland State Bank Business Debit Card makes life easy for your employees - all while creating a great paper trail for your company's expenses.

Easy To Use.

Purchase amount will automatically be deducted from your checking account. 1


Accepted anywhere you see the familiar MasterCard® logo.

Quick Cash.

Visit one of the 350,000 financial institutions world-wide or any ATM affiliated with McFarland State Bank. 2


Enjoy the flexibility to set spending limits for individual employees and makes monitoring their expenses a breeze.

Safe - with Fraud Monitoring!

Your Business debit card from McFarland State Bank is safer than carrying cash and comes with fraud monitoring service.

Safeguard your McFarland State Bank Business Debit Card

  • Click here to learn how to protect your Debit Card.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling 1-800-472-3272.

If you plan to use your Debit Card while traveling, notify us of your plans to help minimize disruptions in your service.

Notice of Travel

Credit Cards

Check out what the McFarland State Bank Elan® Visa Business Credit Card can do for you.


  • Maximize your float
  • Create customized card limits on a per employee basis
  • Maintain an audit trail – a clear separation of personal and business expenses for the IRS
  • Reduce the accounts payable task

Looking for an Elan® Visa Business Credit Card? Check out what the McFarland State Bank Elan® Credit Card can do for you. 3

Apply today! 

If you are an existing Elan® Visa Business Credit Card Customer, click below to access your account.

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For more information about applying for an Elan® Visa Business Credit Card, Contact Us or call one of our Personal Bankers today.

  1. You must have enough money in your checking account to cover the transaction. Transactions amounts, dates and locations will appear on your monthly statement.
  2. Notice regarding non-McFarland State Bank ATM Fees: McFarland State Bank never assesses a fee when using your ATM card. However, the owner of the terminal/network operator of the ATM being used may impose a fee when you initiate a withdrawal or transfer. You will be notified of any such fee when you use the terminal.
  3. All credit cards require an application and are subject to credit approval.