CDs & IRAs

Ideal for saving, our CDs offer flexible terms and earn interest at guaranteed, fixed rates, all with the peace of mind FDIC Insurance has to offer. 

A foundation in your investment mix, build your portfolio by laddering your CD terms to reach your financial objectives. 

When your CD matures, you have the option to renew, or use your funds to achieve your savings goal.

Conventional CDs

  • Competitive rates. Contact your Personal Bankers to learn about our specials! 
  • Low minimum balance requirements. 
  • Convenient automatic renewal. 
  • Compounded interest payments for the highest yield. You may also choose to have interest payments directly deposited to another account with McFarland State Bank. 

In addition to conventional CDs, we also offer these specific & helpful products:

Bump & Add-On CD

Our three year term CD offers the benefit of a savings account with the return of a certificate. Once during the term, you can exercise your option to raise your rate if our rates for this product increase. Contact us to request this one-time “bump”. You can add to the principal balance of this CD, in a minimum of $500, any time throughout the term!


Looking for FDIC Insurance on deposits exceeding $250,000 and desire the convenience of working with one bank? CDARS may be the answer - a perfect blend of security and convenience!

As a CDARS member, McFarland State Bank is able to offer the full protection of FDIC insurance on multi-million dollar Certificates of Deposit through just one depository account!

Prior to CDARS, deposits in excess of $250,000 had to be spread out at different financial institutions or titled differently in order to be fully insured by the FDIC.

With CDARS, you sign just one deposit agreement with McFarland State Bank and still have full insurance protection on multi-million dollar values.

One Bank. One Rate. One Statement.

Visit our Online Education Center for a tour of CDARS and its great benefits!

Tour CDARS Now!

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

Tired of your retirement savings becoming less and less? Many of the Certificate of Deposits offered by McFarland State Bank can be used as an IRA vehicle – just contact us for details!

An IRA or other investment alternative here at McFarland State Bank could be a great fit for your financial goals.You can take advantage of beneficial tax laws * AND have the peace of mind knowing your retirement funds are safe, secure and increasing in value…not decreasing!

*McFarland State Bank does not give tax advice. Please consult a tax advisor.

For more information on our CD/IRA options, please contact one of our Personal Bankers today at 866.826.2265!